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Welcome to Kipper Records...
Kipper Records is a small independent label based in Manchester, England. It operates as a collective, bringing together the makers of fine and upstanding new music covering such styles as electronica, acoustic lo-fi, folktronica, noise murder, glitch fest, ambient music, fish gabber, IDM, sharkcore, experimental or just mental.

The initial releases will be a series of compilations, “Catch of the Day”, featuring a growing community of artists with the common aim of getting diverse and interesting music to diverse and interesting people. It’s a hands-on, handmade, organic philosophy that runs through each release from musical ideas to cover designs. Each “Catch of the Day” will be limited to 100 CDs with every CD package individually made by crew of the ‘Lady Marmalade’, trawling thirteen miles off the coast of bonnie Scotland.

As well as releasing these fine music compilations, we believe that "free music online" is not the enemy of the record label and we'll be giving away as much free stuff as we can. First up, mundane music's Platform 3 - right click here and select "Save Link As" for the full mp3. You're welcome!

Get Catch of the Day 1 for free
If you'd like to keep up to date with all that's happening here at Kipper Records please do accept our formal invitation to sit at the captain's table and you'll get Catch of the Day 1 free!


20 feb 10
Tweet Home Alabama...

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18 feb 10
The Art of Webmastery...

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11 feb 10
Happy Birthday...