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Coney Island Sound

Hull's finest gets knowledgeable by nature...
1. Myspace:
2. Location: Hull, UK.
3. Working method: Anything goes really. It’s a matter of finding the right feeling sounds, improvising and sampling with them through effects and adding layers. Often things begin by triggering or live looping a source or piece that i’ve played then improvising over in real time and sampling the results into loops and building blocks. Structures eventually appear and then the more traditional arranging process can develop.

Nautical by nature began by gathering shells and stones around Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire and used leftover fire sticks from a rented cottage there. They were close miked and played with a B&Q decorative Christmas bell wreath. The beat formed from that and the kids accordion seemed to be the logical thing to improvise with.

The parts are all pretty dry on that track but i’ll use effects or Reaktor to make odd loops and develop the piece in many directions. I also like to take a line out,loop the parts then use my Kaoss pad 3 to improvise using the effects...Anything and everything......
4. Where do you make music: Home Studio, Bedroom (no not like that) or laptop. My portable recorder is with me fairly much wherever I go and i’m finally getting round to finishing some tunes made out of found noises.
5. What's the best advice you have been given: Never attempt to eat anything bigger than your head.
6. General influences: My earliest musical reference has to be John Barry, the Bond themes in particular, that's probably why I've always been happy to just write the music in bands and let someone else deal with the lyrical side.
7.What two people would you like to see work together: Kevin Shields & Brian Wilson.
8. Favourite kit/software: Sonic ACID PRO 6 (i’ve got more expensive stuff but this is the best), Valves and lots of them, Addictive Drums, Miroslav Philharmonik, my Casios, my bag of sticks & seashells, my acoustic guitar and my R4 field recorder and my headphone microphones.....and turntables through a kaoss pad are inceasingly good fun....
9. Pub or club: Pub - Guiness, fire, etc.
10. Funniest song title you have heard: The Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife are some Jive Ass Slippers.......Charles Mingus.

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