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Del Ray & The Sun Kings

Del Ray & The Sun Kings on oil, alcohol & Dahmer...
1. Myspace:
2. Location: Land of Phantoms, Romania
3. Describe yourself: 100 feet tall, mild patina changing from copper to a greenish colour, spiky hairdo and a fetish for fire. No wait...that's the Statute of Liberty...Do'oh!
4. How did you get into music: Bought a single called "Incense & Peppermints" by the Strawberry Alarm clock. My parents found out it was about "drugs" and they destroyed it. It was all rock n roll rebellion from there.
5. What’s your general working method: Wait till about 1:00or 2:00am in the morning and find the worst sounds imaginable on a 10+ year old Yamaha keyboard. Go from there.
6. What are your methods of sound design: Think in 3D, as opposed to 2D. Music is done in a box, not on a canvas.
7. What’s the best advice you have been given: Change the oil in your car every 3000 miles.
8. What two people would you like to hear work together or remix etc..: Morrissey and Jeffrey Dahmer.
9. Club or pub (bar): There had better be alcohol (hopefully free) or I don’t go…so pub it is.
10. Gig or home: Home (I have plenty of alcohol…)

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