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DJ Wise

Ten top turns from the DJ Wise...
1. Website / Myspace: /
2. Location: Paris
3. Working method: Fruity loops...... finding wierd audio samples...... distorting and putting in effects....... fast and spontaneous.
4. Do you perform live: Yes, I work with a VJ video DJ.
5. Who would you like to hear work together: Mozart and Aphex Twin
6. Funniest song title you've heard: Catch of the Day!
7. How did you get into music: I met musicians at art college..... learnt to play the sax..... later met a guy who sold me a drum into electronic music.
8. What's your favourite part of the music making process: The eveolution and arrangement and putting layers of sound together.
9. Favourite record label: Warp Records
10. General influences: Kraftwerk, Goldfrapp, Coldcut, Ethnic music, African/Indian music.

DJ Wise Features:
1. Paris K interview November 2006.