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Edmund Coleman

Ten earnest points from Edmund...
1. Website:
2. Location: Glasgow, Scotland.
3. Working method: I dont have one.
4. Do you perform live: Yes. I perform solo and with other people, I improvise using keyboards, banjo and fx pedals.
5. String or elastic band: String.
6. Describe your music: Sublime, wacky,beepy, minimal, maximal, out, in, varied.
7. How did you get into music: Started playing guitar when I was fifteen, started playing keyboards, banjo later on. I've experimented with audio software since the age of sixteen.
8. Sound design method: I like experiment with space and textures, but Im mainly interested in how different instruments react to one another.
9. Favourite place: My head.
10. General influences: Miles Davis, Lee Perry, Piccasso, The Doors, The Velvet Underground, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Dub Syndicate, The Dubliners, Sun Ra and many more..

Edmund Coleman Features:
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