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mundane music

Ten facts from the mundane music random fact generator...
1. Website / Myspace: /
2. Location: Manchester, England
3. Describe your music: Electronic, acoustic, busy, lofi, cut up, melodic.
4. Working method:
Usually starts with an acoustic guitar or some other 'real' instrument played into Pro-tools. I build things up from there in a random and unorganised way. Tracks usually get left unfinished for a long time and I move onto other things then come back to them. I find it more interesting and effective to work on many tracks at once.
5. Best advice to other artists: Read the articles in SoundonSound magazine. A mighty thing!
6. Where do you make music: In my home studio.
7. Favourite place: Blackpool beach in the winter.
8 . Tea or coffee: Definately tea...lurverly!
9 . Cure for writers block: Talk to somebody else, anybody else. You can't work in a vacuum.
10. Influences: Electronica music and also classical music, and acoustic guitar music. Great voices too, with character and quirks. I love the sounds of music made at home. Other things that influence me are field recordings, sound snippets and environments.

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