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Ten swipes of the Sanjuro77 sword..
1. Website / Myspace: /
2. Location: Manchester
3. Working method: Generally I doodle and play around for a time, with a rough idea in mind. Eventually, by accident or design, I'll make a loop, riff or sound that catches my attention. I then add to that and build it up, layer by layer. Then I'll leave it for a good while and come back to it with fresh ideas. Eventually I'll get to the stage when I'm ready to start arranging it into a song. That's usually where I get the problems...
4. Who would you like to collaborate with: Boards of Canada or MF Doom or Laura Veirs.
5.Sweets or chocolate: Chocolate. Although flapjack would win in a three-way deathmatch.
6. Describe your music: Music for listening to, with headphones, in bed, sometimes for waking up, mostly for going to sleep.
7.Where do you make music: Home studio-cum-living room.
8. Favourite book: Neuromancer by William Gibson.
9. General influences: Memories, places, words. Anything evocative.
10. Favourite fish: The one that comes with my chips.

Sanjuro Features
1. Investigative interview September 2005.