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Scott Bruzenak

Ten shooting stars from Scott...
1. Website / Myspace:
On its way. /
2. Location: California.
3. Working method: Never one thing. I like to start out simple and then get complex. About 50% of the time I'll start with either a beat, a guitar harmo-melodic complex, or a story.
4. Shoes or traniners: What the hell are trainers? Is that some British thing?
5. Favourite writer: Bukowski, Shakespeare, Pynchon, I dunno. Lots. Whaddya got?
6.Describe your music: My music is all over the place. I've been in every kind of band, from metal to classical, jazz to bluegrass, glitch electronica to singer/songwriter. So, when I write something and am trying to be original, I end up combining genres. I am obsessed with microtones and polymeter, but also with being a smartass and capturing crystalline feelings/structures.
7. Best advice you've been given: Imitate the methods of your favourite artists, and not thier sound.
8. Undiscovered musical gem: Man, my buddies over at EM411 for sure, especially Fredo Viola and Deltasleep. Also Jesse Krakow.
9. Favourite fish: Hatchetfish.
10. General influences: Big influences are Coltrane, Bach, Elliot Smith, Harry Partch, Aphextechrepusher, pretty much everything else too. I can't get enough of this earth's music.

Scott Bruzenak Features:
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