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Tazio & Boy

Ten from Tazio & Boy...
1. Website / Myspace: /
2. Location: Saint Nazaire, Bruxelles, Taolanaro, Madagascar.
3. Describe yourself: Tazio is a 28 year old boy, not very patient and quite anxious. He collects too much records and loves music more than everything else, except Boy, of course. He also takes pictures, enjoys a football game once in a while and dreams of buying the guitar of his dreams, a Fender Jaguar. He unfortunately smokes and drinks, but tries not to do that too much, and he jogs, too. He likes to think he's one of the best friends anyone could ask for, because he would do anything for a friend. Oh, and he's way too busy with MySpace and the Internet in general.

Boy : Yes… I'm a girl and I don't think I want to describe myself as Tazio has done. In a few words, I'm a dreamer haunted by my nightmares. I try to turn my life into a gift, a little treasure. I think I know how to find the chance when I need it. Music makes me believe everything is possible. Music is like a ship to me and I know I could not live far from the ocean (except if Tazio asks me…)

4. Which parts of the music making process do you find most difficult: Tazio: I tend to get irritated when i can't play a part in three takes. When i really need to concentrate on what i'm doing is when it becomes difficult. In other words, i LOVE to record, but i HATE recording. Isn't that odd?

Boy: Probably, only the show. I play music in a very personal way and I'm always asking myself if I should share it with other people… But I love to record, to do the sound engineer work, to have a headphones on my ears… Like this, I can feel my heart beating.

5. What’s your desktop wallpaper: A picture of our favourite beach, Pont Mahé.
6. Do you perform live / and how do you do it: We do. We have Yamaha P-60 electronic piano, a Michelsonne Toy Piano, a Gretsch electric guitar plugged into a Fender Blues Junior amplifier, a melodica, a glockenspiel and some chimes. We also have a Boss RC-20 pedal we use to launch ambient loops of all kinds: birds, kids playing, rain, film dialogs... We don't make much noise, but try to play and sing our intimist little songs with as much heart as possible.
7. If you could have written one great song what would it have been: Tazio: 'Say Valley Maker' by Smog
Boy: 'Images' by Nina Simone
8. Name one of your favourite bands/artist that you feel are an undiscovered gem: The Missing Season, a french band from Rennes.
9. Who would you like to collaborate or remix: Collaboration: Low & to remix: Radiohead.
10. Fame or fortune: Probably fortune but it sounds scary.

Tazio & Boy Features:
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