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Teenage Symphony

Teenage Symphony top ten random facts...
1. Myspace:
2. Location: Plano/Dallas, Texas, United States
3. Describe yourselves: Six weird people who love old music, comics, and documentaries about Metallica.
4. Describe your music:
Home-recorded 60s pop influenced compositions.
5. General influences (music or non music): Neither God nor the Bible; Brian Wilson, Curt Boettcher, Shadow Morton, Phil Spector, Margo Guryan, The Free Design, Harpers Bizarre.
6. Where do you make music: Home studio on 8 track cassette recorder or 16 track reel to reel.
7. What advice would you give other artists: Listen to good music
8 . Do you have musical training or are you self taught: Most of us are self-taught; we have one member who studied music in college so she's the one we pick on the most.
9 . All time favourite artists/albums or at least one you like a bloody lot!!: The Beach Boys, The Zombies, The Free Design!
10. If you could have written one great song what would it have been: "Someone I Know" by Margo Guryan

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