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the deep element

ten deep element deep, deep thoughts...

1. website / myspace: /
2. location: currently malmo sweden, ultimately washington d.c.
3. working method: it's different everytime! but the consistencies are, logic, live, reason, and komplete.
4. methods of sound design: great question! there are so many ways. i usually have a minidisc recorder at all times and record whatever ideem interesting. these files go into either a mac or pc for processing through various plugs, or a crazy signal path through whatever gear i have lying around. though i master with a tape machine, which sometimes destroys the song!
5.what's your favourite fish: the sushi family.
6. advice to others: that's hard. you can't tell people what to do in an artform.
7. favourite gig: mine!! i loved all my shows. but i really enjoyed touring with machinedrum and eustachian, it was a great mix of music. other peoples gigs i enjoyed are fantomas/locust or jaga jazzist.
8. where do you make music: currently i work at a studio in sweden and have processed some sounds here, otherwise, i do most of the foundations on a laptop then go home and fix it up there.
9.tea or coffee: tea, earl grey is dope.
10. do you work alone: depends on the project. the deep element stuff is solo, most other projects involve someone else taking care of acoustic iinstruments.

the deep element features
1. RAWK! interview Febuary 2007.