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The Gray

Ten black and white statements from The Gray...
1. Website:
2. Location: Middlewich, England
3. Working method: My preferred way of working would be to sit at the piano and write the whole song before scoring anything else, but what normally happens is this: I sit down at the computer, write a phrase, embellish it, get hung up on just that phrase, get bored, get annoyed, go to bed, wake up and start all over again!
4. How do you come up with titles: I have a small but dedicated team of drunken pixies who work relentlessly making up titles that they whisper to me whilst I'm sleeping or drunk.
Who would you like to collaborate with: John Williams. The guy shits talent.
5. Musical training: I took lessons on the piano from around age 6, organ from around age 11, and started piano again at about 16. Since then I've forgotten everything I was taught and had to re-teach myself.
6. Favourite book: The study of counterpoint - nah just kidding - I can't think of one.
7. Tea or coffee: Beer.
8. Describe your music: Ambient-ish ramblings with a classical influence. I would like to think that my music is emotional and evocative with catchy phrases but as music is perceived differently to everybody I'll leave judgement to you.
9.Favourite films: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Escape from New York, Highlander, and if you disagree then sorry you're wrong.
10.General influences: Musically any artist can influence me as long as the music they produce is well formed, but my main music genre is orchestral. My passion is contemporary film scores with Newman, Williams & Barry being the ones I listen to a lot. But music from the classical, romantic, Baroque periods hold something for me. Non-musically, the internet seems to influence most of my life.

The Gray Features:
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