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The Motifs

Alexis from The Motifs talks tea, coffee & Teenage Fan Club...

1. Myspace:
2. Location: Melbourne (but in Japan right now), Australia
3. Working method: First I write a melody, then I make up words (just enough so that the song is not just one long aaah or oooh). Then I record the guitar and singing. After that I just add more things, like harmonies, keyboard, glockenspiel and out of time claps. Usually I’m too lazy to make up more than one verse worth of lyrics so the songs tend to be quite short.
4. Descibe your music: It’s difficult to translate sound into words, especially your own sound. I think my music is melody and harmony based. It’s mostly minute-long home-recorded pop songs I suppose. I don’t spend much time on lyrics, because I’m not good at expressing myself that way. Sometimes I think the only reason I write songs is because I can’t find any other way to say something.
6. Advice to others:It depends on your motivation for making music I guess. If your aim is to make good music, that you can feel proud of, then your own opinion is the one that matters.
7. Favourite gig: Teenage Fan Club or Belle and Sebastian.
8. Where do you make music: At home. Not a home studio. Just a computer, microphone and a fine array of defective instruments.
9. Tea or coffee: Ah, that’s like making me choose between my children (not that I have any). I love them both.
10. Shoes or trainers: Shoes. In Australia, trainers are people that yell at you to make you get fit.

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