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Tidy Kid

Meet Tidy Kid...
1. Website / Myspace: /
2. Location: I'm all over the shop dude, New York, United States
3. Describe yourself: I'm Tidy Kid, I'm Tidy, I like to be clean, I like describing myself to people who don't want to know about me. I like to watch their faces as I stop to think about what to say next. I like to shake their hands and part with a skipping kind of dance. I also like to prance.
4. Working method:
Forever changing. Currently I have 3 environments, portable, studio, home. All have conceptual restrictions involved, to help my abnormalities follow through.
5. Which parts of the music making process do you find most difficult: Allocating time for it.
6. What’s your favourite part of the process of making music: Scarying myself.
7. Favourite album artwork: I like the new Kammerflimmer Kollektief Cover alot. Great colours, composition, you know, I'd like to write all kinds of design topography right here.
8 . Hardware or software: Hardware for sound, Sotware for chop chop.
9 . What are you listening to at the moment: Pranzo Oltranzista.
10. Indoors or outdoors: I like the Doors, get it? ehhh?

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