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Catch of the day CD series

So what is catch of the day?

It is a series of CD releases compiling the very best of new and inventive music. It has no boundaries and no limits. But it does have a tiddler of an idea that lives within it's little belly. The idea that people can and do make innovative music from within thier own pre-defined surroundings. A tiny studio, a bedroom, a loft, a table or just a laptop. In these spaces great things happen.

Catch of the day celebrates this.

The application of scarce resources is the mother of invention. Work magic with what you have and be glad of it. Work harder, be inventive, find a new method, approach an idea backwards, whatever it takes. And create something new, by hook, crook, design or accident.

Catch of the day celebrates the DIY'ers, the experimental minority and all those who sail in her. We produce catch of the day as homage to this. To bring together a disparate collection of the wierd and wonderful, the noisy and beautiful. Catch of the day features a growing community of artists with the common aim of getting diverse and interesting music to diverse and interesting people.

It’s a hands-on, handmade, organic philosophy that runs through the series of releases from musical ideas to cover designs. Each catch of the day release will be limited to 100 very special CD's. In the spirit of adventure, each CD is presented to you in a handmade sleeve, distressed cover and stamped paper bag. They are lovingly created and individually put together by the burly crew of the goodship ‘Lady Marmalade’, trawling thirteen miles off the coast of bonnie Scotland.

Catch of the day

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