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Losing Today Catch of the Day 1 Review

Mundane Music / Sanjuro 77 ‘Split’ (Kipper). And the never ending list of apologies continues at pace. And despite all the very wonderful releases featured about these pages we can’t think of a more deserving outing with which to pass on our heartiest best wishes for not only this inaugural release but for future ones to come.

This delightful split release is the debut outing for anew homespun independent label by the name of Kipper. Each release we are reliably informed will have an initial run of 100 pressings only and will feature similar pairings under a series entitled ‘Catch of the Day’ of which this is the first. Each will come in beautifully numbered hand made reclaimed cardboard / paper sleeves with inserts all housed in a brown paper bag specialising in everything from electronica to ‘just mental’ and everything in between. As advertised debut release in the series features Mundane Music and Sanjuro 77.

Mundane Music need no introduction to avid readers of these pages having featured a little while back with a superb release on the much celebrated in this parish Heliotone records. ‘The Woeful Pelican’ combines all manner of naturist field recordings, wildly tinkled ivories and a massively ceramic wide screen grandeur that you suspect wouldn’t feel out of place serving as a backdrop to one of those adventure productions by that Speilberg bloke, so colossal in fact that one assumes MM may well have to get a bigger bedroom to play in if this continues. Seismic stuff.

Not wishing to be left in the shade is Sanjuro 77 who by all accounts is a Japanese born Manchester based whiz kid who whiles away the wee hours creating what he fondly refers to as ILM - Intelligent Listening Music. ‘In the company of crows’ marks his first steps into the big bad world to be separated from the apparent safety blanket afforded by computer games and quality cinema. Inspired as it is ingenious amid the fused din of lunatic glitch beats, droning electronic accents and irregular off the beaten track melodic interludes there’s lies stirring below at the core simply delicious heart sapping battered and bruised string symphony that sounds not unlike a noire-ish take on those classically scored drama infected pre gunfight scenes from spaghetti westerns of yore.

Does it for me anyway. More please and be quick bout it.


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