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PennyBlackMusic Magazine - Catch of the Day 1 Review

Mundane Music / Sanjuro 77 : The Woeful Pelican/In The Company Of Crows

Kipper Records is a brand new "virtual" record label, operating entirely over the internet. But instead of talking about the future of music, and how one day all labels will be internet based, I'm going to tell you about their first label sampler - the rather brilliant 'Catch of the Day 1'.

There are two instrumental tracks for your perusal here. The first is a delightful little number called 'The Woeful Pelican' by Mundane Music. A perky electronic number, processed acoustic guitar rings out above the somewhat unusual drumbeat whilst electro-harps are plucked by, err, electro-harpists one would presume. The whole thing sounds like a film theme, and midway through we're treated to the brass refrain, all drama and tension, before dropping back to a quiet chill by a river. An excellent little ditty, if a little short at under 5 minutes.

Dodgy old record sounds make way for some experimental dance beats on Sanjuro 77's 'In The Company of Crows', which soon morphs into a tripped out dream of a tune. Beautiful strings and horns, folky acoustics and backwards vocals bounce off the massive drum samples and electric beeps, building a huge electric soundscape. Again, this is excellent, and certainly serves the purpose of tickling the curiosity bone.

So both the acts featured are well up to scratch, but what makes this record even better is the fantastic hand made cardboard packaging, which all adds up to make Kipper Records the best new label in the UK. Keep your eyes on their website for further information and new releases, and try and get your hands on this good stuff. Excellent.

Jonjo McNeill


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