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V/A - 'Catch Of The Day 2'

Manchester independent label Kipper Records newest release is again stunningly packaged and once unwrapped the music is just as pleasurable with sublime soundscapes and enchanting melodies.

Rarely does the packaging of a CD album generate such appreciation yet the hand-drawn artwork optimises how Catch of the Day 2 is miles away from being a typical supermarket-sold, mainstream release. Scott Bruzenak opens the album of downtempo delights with ‘Things Change’, folk and electronics meet as the Californian artist sings quaintly “Make your demons beautiful, and them make them insane.”

The previous compilation in the series, Catch of the Day outlined the label’s ethos with a song each by Mundane Music and Sanjuro77 both of whom impress again with their newer material. Mundane Music’s ‘A Train For You’ moves joyously with well-layered instruments and jingling bells. It charms and is reminiscent of something between Pulp’s mid-90s music (though without Javis Cocker’s vocals) and a synthesized Velvet Underground. Sanjuro77’s ‘Night Falls on Timperley’ is the penultimate track containing looped beats which contrast with crackles, chimes and beeps. More dance-inducing than the ambience of the rest of the album.

‘Possibly Later’ by The Deep Element has a metronomic beat which jitters and lags pleasantly, conjuring memories of Tortoise or Sigur Rós, while somewhat surreal images come to my mind — giant robots or industrial machines beautifully breaking down, their lament scored excellently with the stuttering piano.

Of all the songs, The Gray’s ‘Sleep Facing East’ does the most for me and is pure cinema, a perfect accompaniment for images. Distorted strings make way for adagio piano, which appears elegantly with electronic effects adding to the progressive sounds. Halfway through the song, the tempo builds, with guitar emerging from the background, leading to a crescendo with all previous elements enhanced with drums and operatic vocals. Wonderful!

Limited to just 100 exquisitely handmade copies, Catch of the Day 2 is a leftfield dream. As with music on Warp or by Bjork these sounds may not be to everyone’s taste but those that enjoy it should adore it.

Ben Verghese
Friday 1 June 2007

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