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V/A - 'Catch Of The Day 3'

Kipper Records come back with another mixed up trawl on the new and unkown with their latest compilation, Catch Of The Day 3.

For a small independent label based in Manchester, their nets are being cast ever further afield after Catch Of The Day 1 and Catch Of The Day 2. The 8 piece fish pie ranges from North Sea contributions from Hull and Tyne & Wear to the extremes of Melbourne and Brisbane from Oz, Texas and California plus France and Denmark. Some of these guys don’t even have MySpace sites!

Tidy Kid with ‘Smell’ is possibly the most outstanding as the lo-fi beats experimentation mixed with haunting vocal of “You sold your soul”. That said, this is like previous releases in that it’s a mix up of various genres. Teenage Symphony (Dallas) sound like they should be with playing to hippies in California circa 1968 and the Californians, the superbly named Del Ray & The Sun Kings, think they’re on a spy ship off the Baltica coast (Mr. Kipper certainly has a good ear for the ambient cinematic and this is no exception).

The CD opens with the charming Alexis H (aka The Motifs) with ‘Envelopes’ al a any number of girlie singers (but better) which is in sharp comparison the pusedo Radiohead post guitar band, Son My. Tazio (the boy) and Boy (the girl) are 2 voices and various instruments that a sort of capture the essence of The Motifs and Son My such that the album ends on a high with ‘Sylvia’.

Of the two UK based acts, Antennas To Heaven sound like a post-rock version of Future Loop Foundation’s Memories From A Fading Room which works well on this compilation but I much prefer the sea-shanty Tunng-ness of ‘Nautical By Nature’ by Coney Island Sound.

As ever, Kipper’s attention to detail producing only 100 copies with hand crafted corrugated cardboard sleeve (with inner sleeve artwork by Alice Hourton) makes this is a special release and well worth collecting.

Reviewed: Various — Catch of the Day 3 (Kipper Records) Cat. No. 634479670602 Release date: February 2008
1 The Motifs — Envelopes (1:39)
2 Coney Island Sound — Nautical By Nature (5:29)
3 Son My — By Night (5:45)
4 Del Ray & The Sun Kings — The Odessa Staircase (5:11)
5 Tidy Kid — Smell (3:35)
6 Teenage Symphony — Lucky (6:08)
7 Antennas To Heaven — Play Off (4:07)
8 Tazio & Boy — Sylvia (4:22)


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