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CATCH OF THE DAY VOLUME 3 * album of the week *
:: Various Artists ::

31 March 2008 / 8 Trk CD
By Manuel Ecostos

Kipper Records are back with another example of the ultimate DIY record. Proper on-body printing on CDRs, superb artwork, an inner colour sleeve, a corrugated printed outer cover and a special stamped brown paper bag (pictured). A superb use of the often clinical CD format. This attention to detail is also reflected in Kippers choice of songs.

Australia’s The Motifs bring us less than two minutes of soft, off kilter pop. Hull outfit Coney Island Sound bring forth nautical themes as horns and strings all stir up visions of plain sailing, lashing waves and life at sea. Denmark’s Son My provide progressive ethereal guitar music (think of a more mainstream Durutti Column) with a faint introduction of vocal right at the end. The slightly distorted ambience and orchestrated sounds of California’s Del Ray & The Sun Kings is next but Brisbane’s Tidy Kid confound with “Smell” which tumbles into action before scrambling along with curious harmonies framed by clockwork sequences.

Like a distant broadcast on an AM channel, Dallas group Teenage Symphony sound like they’re transmitting straight from 1968 - and from Tyne & Wear, Antennas To Heaven sound like a bedroom idea that’s blown the roof off with searching effects and trance like guitar sequences, informed by a spoken dialogue- an emotional highlight. Tazio & Boy round of things with their Gallic interpretation of science fiction melodies and the echoed use of an old church hall piano. There are plenty of similarities to TV On The Radio on a quieter but very good day, with of course a lady singing.

Eight acts, but with a common thread of accessible but challenging song writing. If you want to experience something different but mind-blowingly good, this has to be it.



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