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10. 20 may 08 - Catch of the Day 3 Manchester Music Online review
Album of the week at Manchester Music Online! Not a bad start for the COD3 reviews!

9. 12 june 07 - Catch of the Day 2 Pennyblackmusic magazine review
More kind words from Jonjo McNeill over at

8. 06 june 07 - Catch of the Day 2 FLY magazine review
Another COD2 review by those fine people at FLY magazine.

7. 02 april 07 - Catch of the Day 2 Manchester Music Online review
A review by the kind folks at Manchester Music Online.

6. 08 march 07 - deep element interview
Hilary from RAWK! asks deep element about life, music & tattoos...

5. 08 november 06 - DJ Wise interview
Paris K is asking. DJ Wise is dancing. Or something like that...

4. 17 june 06 - Catch of the Day 1 Pennyblackmusic magazine review
A review by Jonjo McNeill over at He will surely be going to heaven for this one...

3. 26 march 06 - Catch of the Day 1 FLY magazine review
A review by FLY magazine perveyors of 'global music culture'.

2. 01 November 05 - Catch of the Day 1 Losing Today review
A super review from those Losing Today people.

1. 01 september 05 - Sanjuro77 interview
We sent an expert reporter to catch up with Mr Sanjuro himself. The resulting interview has been deliberately heavily edited...