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Cover design
by mundane music


mundane music - a place in mind ep (BUY CD / BUY DOWNLOADS)
Released: 20th Feb 08
Format: Limited Edition hand crafted CD

Here's another chance to get hold of mundane music's brilliant debut EP, first released an 8" lathe cut clear vinyl on Heliotone Records, back in 2004. Remastered and available for the the first time on CD, it comes in a lucky dip sweet bag, and includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks from the original studio sessions.

1. a place in mind (2:32) Listen
2. do you know? (1:56) Listen
3. sleep is a wonderful thing (3:40) Listen
4. who's talking to me, OK? (4:29) Listen
5. my seashore (2:26) Listen
6. little lucy (0:45) Listen
7. my seashore too (2:54) Listen
8. while your children play (3:11) Listen

"as crisp as an early autumns morn, curdling dreamy samples and rickety pastoral parochialisms, prised apart by gentle darting beats. At the heart of these six tender morsels lies a weighty lucky bag of sweet mouth watering succulence. Quite delicious if you ask me!" Losing Today

"Fans of Prefuse 73 and Four Tet should make it their mission to track down this EP ... recorded at home, it oozes charm and loveliness from every pore, as gentle guitars, synths and percussion are morphed with playful beats and samples." City Life (Manchester Edition)

"someone who has real promise. It's an inspired piece of music ... so if you want a serious treat, order it now. Keep pressing the play button everybody." Record Collector

Cover design
by Alice Hourton


Catch of the Day 3 (BUY CD / BUY DOWNLOADS)
Released: 20th Feb 08
Format: Limited Edition hand crafted CD

Eight more quality additions to the Catch of the Day roster. For this one we've gone all vocaly-melodicy-more-than-one-person-in-the-bandy! The net's been cast far and wide for the best in lo-pop, cinematic, atmospheric, alternative indie & unclassifiable electronica.

1. the motifs
- envelopes (1:39) Listen
2. coney island sound - nautical by nature (5:29) Listen
3. son my - by night (5:45) Listen
4. del ray & the sun kings - the odessa staircase (5:11) Listen
5. tidy kid - smell (3:35) Listen
6. teenage symphony - lucky (6:08) Listen
7. antennas to heaven - play off (4:07) Listen
8. tazio & boy - sylvia (4:22) Listen

"Mr. Kipper certainly has a good ear ... as ever, Kipper's attention to detail ... makes this a special release and well worth collecting."
FLY Mag review

"A superb use of the often clinical CD format. Eight acts, but with a common thread of accessible but challenging song writing. If you want to experience something different but mind-blowingly good, this has to be it."
Manchester Music Online review
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Cover design
by Kipper Records


Catch of the Day 2 (BUY CD / BUY DOWNLOADS)
Released: 12 Mar 07
Format: Limited Edition hand crafted CD

Eight brilliant tracks from eight diverse artists. It's electronic, lo-fi, acoustic, glitch, melodic, broken beat, ambient. It's a melting pot of sounds and sculptured symphonies. Find out what the Catch of the Day series is all about.

1. scott bruzenack
- things change (2:58) Listen
2. mundane music - a train for you (4:56) Listen
3. the deep element - possibly later (4:18) Listen
4. the gray - sleep facing east (4:23) Listen
5. dj wise - shake the dust (4:54) Listen
6. dupe - silkworkers (7:15) Listen
7. sanjuro77 - night falls on timperley (5:33) Listen
8. edmund coleman - sanctuary (4:41) Listen

"Fabulous stuff... it’s another perfect collection. Do what you have to this summer, but do it with these artists as your soundtrack. Predictably outstanding stuff."
Pennyblackmusic review

"Stunningly packaged and once unwrapped the music is just as pleasurable with sublime soundscapes and enchanting melodies... a leftfield dream."
FLY Mag review

"It’s not just a moral, artistic victory though. Everything on this tastefully limited eight track record is well worth engaging."
Manchester Music Online review

Cover design
by Kipper Records


Catch of the Day 1 (SOLD OUT)
Released: 01 Sept 05
Format: Limited Edition hand crafted CD

Two great tracks. One is a great track from mundane music and one is a great track from sanjuro 77. Packaged in a hand made sleeve, case and bag!! Lovely.
Find out what the Catch of the Day series is all about.

1. mundane music
- the woeful pelican (4:52) Listen
2. sanjuro77 - in the company of crows (7:38) Listen

"Rather brilliant... all drama and tension, before dropping back to a quiet chill by a river... a tripped out dream of a tune... which all adds up to make Kipper Records the best new label in the UK."
Pennyblackmusic review

"Now this is certainly one you can’t gripe about the cover; hand crafted corrugated cardboard with inner sleeve and fish cartoons all for a two-track CD at £1.99!"
FLY Mag review

"Seismic stuff... inspired as it is ingenious... more please and be quick bout it."
Losing Today review